A Sectional Summer House is Still a Shed No Matter What They Try To Tell You

Published: 20th February 2012
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Lugarde Modular Summer Houses and the difference between them and sectional summer houses

Having worked in the garden building industry for over 25 years, I can remember the term summer house used refer to what we would call in the industry as a glorified garden shed, but not anymore. Garden buildings have come a long way in the past 10 years with all manner of garden structures now available to the masses instead of being just a preserve for the wealthy.
By far the most popular are modular buildings as opposed to traditional sectional buildings, which still dominate the garden shed market. No! modular buildings in my opinion have swept aside the sectional manufacturers and presented the populous with an alternative product to buy without having to take out a second mortgage which is what used to be the case with some garden rooms back in the 90ís would cost upwards of 20K compared to sectional summerhouses costing under 1K so as you can see there was a big difference.
The quality difference between sectional and modular is miles apart and as such consumers now have the chance to own a proper usable outdoor room. Now I know what some of you are saying ďBut a sectional building can be upgraded with insulation and maybe double glazingĒ and yes it can, but itís still a Shed with fancy doors and windows, or Iíll be kind and say itís a posh shed if that makes the shed manufacturers feel better. No take it from me Iíve made sheds for many years so I know what Iím talking about.
Now Iíll be honest and upfront, yes I do now work for a company called Lugarde who happen to be a modular building manufacturer, so you might think me a little bias, but I remember when I saw this concept of buildings being introduced into the market in the late 90ís and I knew then that a gap had been filled and I wasnít wrong. You only have to look on the web to see how many sites there are selling log cabins and quality summer houses itís immense.
So with all these companies vying for you business Iím going to tell you why Lugarde should be your preference when deciding who to choose when making such an important purchase.
1. Lugarde has been manufacturing garden buildings for over 30 years and from the beginning has always chosen to use quality materials to provide customers with a quality finished product.
2. Attention to detail from internal skirting board to modern locking systems on doors and windows are provided as standard.
3. Flexibility to manufacture what the customer needs not just what we manufacture has as standard.
4. Unique Lugarde Aluminium corner post system making buildings extremely strong but also allowing free movement of the timber
5. Pressure treated foundation timber to protect against rot.
6. Choice of 4 different finials, Chrome or Brass ball, Weathercock or Weather Witch included in the price.
7. Choice of 5 colours for the roof Red, Green, Brown, Black or Blue also included in the price.
8. Choice or Chrome or Brass hardware also included in the price
9. Laminated Doors and Windows to help prevent warping
10. Excellent delivery service direct to your door and offloaded with a forklift which prevents damages which can be caused by other methods of offloading for example use of Hiab etc.
11. Excellent network of agents capable of offering a complete installation service
12. 5 year warranty
We also have the most comprehensive brochure available on the market with over a 100 examples of buildings with most pictures used being given to us by extremely satisfied customers, and itís free.
So if youíre looking for a quality garden building that will give you many year of pleasure then please take the time to request one of our brochures and visit one of our many dealers to see for yourself why Lugarde should be your 1st choice for garden buildings.


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