Planning Permission for Log Cabins and Summer Houses

Published: 21st March 2012
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Details on what's required for planning permission for Log cabins and Summer Houses

I get asked all the time by customers whether or not they need planning permission for their garden buildings so I've put together some of the common answers I give.
First thing to ask yourself is what is the purpose of the building?
If you answer yes to the following then you'll probably need planning permission
Purpose of Building
Is the building going to be used as accommodation?
Is the building going to be used for business purposes i.e. hairdresser, shop etc?
Next is where you live
Is your property a listed building?
Do you live in a conservation area?
Do you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty?
Do you live in a National Park?
If you're not sure you can ring your local authority and give them your postcode and they will tell you if you are any of the above.
If you answered No to all the above then now you need to check the following
Please remember these planning regulations I've compiled are a guide only and you should always check with your local authority before committing to your purchase of a Log Cabin or Summer House.

A useful tip here is to request from your local authority a pre planning application form which won't cost a lot but you'll get back in writing confirmation on whether or not planning is needed.
Exempt Buildings

As long as you answered No to the above then you should be able to put up any building to the rear of your property that is no larger than 15 square meters and this can be put anywhere you like. However if the building height is over 2.5m high then you will need to site it at least 2m from your boundary. If this is not possible then choose a Log cabin or Summer House that comes with a flat roof or is manufactured to this maximum height. But please remember that many Log Cabins and Summer Houses supplied these days come with bitumen shingles and bitumen shingles don't work correctly if the roof pitch is less than 15 degrees.

Buildings that are above 15 square meters up to a maximum of 30 square meters then the following guide should be adhered to. Please note that the 2.5m high rule still applies on these buildings.
The Building must be at least 5m from the main dwelling
You are limited to the amount of permitted development, basically how many buildings you can put up at the rear of the property so in other words you have a limit of 50% building coverage. For example if you have an extension, greenhouse, garden shed etc then the total area of those buildings will count towards your 50% allocation as well as the new building you are planning to purchase. If you are over 50% then check with the local authority as you will probably require planning permission.
The building must be at least 1m from the boundary due to fire regulations for timber buildings
The building must be at least 20m from any highway, byway or public footpath
Buildings over 30 square meters
Technically you can put up any size building without planning permission but if it goes over 30 square meters then you'll need to get building regulations approval because of its size.
Like I said before this information is just a guide and I would always recommend contacting your local authority to double check before making such a big purchase.


Log Cabins Under 2.5m High

Summer Houses Under 2.5m High

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